Disgraced Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes has begun her prison sentence in Texas.

Holmes is due to spend the next 11 years behind bars for overseeing an infamous blood-testing hoax.

She entered the federal women’s prison camp located in Bryan, Texas, on Tuesday, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

The prison camp is a minimum-security facility that houses about 650 women, considered the lowest security risk.

Prison camps also often have minimal staffing and many of the people incarcerated there work at prison jobs.

Last year a jury convicted Holmes on four felony counts of fraud and conspiracy. She was sentenced to prison time in November.

Holmes, 39, had been free on bail, living in the San Diego area.

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She was put under investigation in 2017 for the collapse of Theranos, a startup she founded after dropping out of Stanford University when she was just 19.

Holmes became a Silicon Valley sensation when she promised that Theranos would revolutionise health care, thanks to a technology that could quickly scan for diseases and other problems with a few drops of blood taken with a finger prick.

Theranos raised nearly $1bn from investors. But it all blew up after The Wall Street Journal published a series of articles exposing serious flaws in Theranos’ technology.