Did Tesla leak the Cybertruck frame with this robot?


Tesla might have revealed the Cybertruck frame in a new video about the automaker’s robots.

The Cybertruck production program is being closely followed by the industry as it is likely the most important new electric vehicle to launch this year.

With over 1.5 million reservations and Tesla’s incredible track record in building electric vehicles in high volume, it is expected to be a game changer in the young but important electric pickup truck market.

We have been tracking the production program closely, including actual production equipment specific to Cybertruck coming to Gigafactory Texas, a Cybertruck body at Gigafactory Texas, and more recently, Cybertruck Beta prototypes being spotted testing on the road.

Now we are seeing what appears to be a Cybertruck frame that Tesla showed for a second in a funny video.

Tesla produced a video for Valentine’s Day that is basically a spoof of a dating video with its robots and posted it on LinkedIn:

During the profile of the robot called Joey 2000, Tesla showed it lifting a large vehicle frame that doesn’t seem to match any Tesla vehicle currently in production:

The size and configuration could be a match for the electric pickup truck, and the background appears to be Gigafactory Texas in Austin.

It looks like Tesla could drop the previously leaked body (below) onto that frame:

It’s doubtful that Tesla would have put that together just for a joke video. Therefore, the most interesting thing is that it would indicate that the Cybertruck production line is fairly advanced to the point that they have robots moving frames around.

Tesla recently said that it aims to bring the Cybertruck to production this summer, but we shouldn’t expect significant deliveries until 2024, when the automaker will ramp up to volume production.

Some Tesla fans have been hoping that the automaker is underpromising with the Cybertruck production program, and while those glimpses at the production are encouraging, there’s no real evidence that it will happen any faster than what Tesla has already announced.

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