Electric bicycles are one of the most fun and effective alternative transportation methods in existence. And this Labor Day you can save big on a new electric bicycle from many of the leading manufacturers. Summer may be coming to a close but it’s not over yet! Check out these awesome e-bike deals to get rolling on your own electric bicycle at a steep discount!

Be sure to keep checking back, too. We’ll be updating the list as more sales pop up over the holiday weekend!

Rad Power Bikes sales

Rad Power Bikes is the largest electric bicycle company in the US, and for good reason. They have a huge selection of e-bikes at modest prices, and they have an equally huge team of Rad employees working service and support.

The company is currently running two key sales.

The first is for one of my favorite models, and an e-bike that is one of my daily riders. It’s the RadMission, an urban-focused metro e-bike. The 500W motor and 500Wh battery offer a striking balance between performance and cost.

At 20 mph on throttle or pedal assist, this single-speed e-bike is great for slicing through the city quickly. It only weighs 44 pounds (20 kg), making it great for anyone that has to carry it up the steps to their apartment.

The RadMission is normally priced at $1,199 but is currently on sale for $899. That’s 300 buckeroos of savings! Having reviewed this e-bike extensively (including taking it off-road in riding it wasn’t meant for), I can tell you this e-bike is a real winner.

If you’re into a more capable urban e-bike with more power, more battery capacity, more gears and added suspension, check out the RadCity 4. It’s currently on sale for $1,399, marked down from $1,599. I’ve reviewed that model too and it’s an awesome choice for those that want more e-bike than the RadMission offers.

Juiced Bikes

Juiced is known for making higher power and higher speed e-bikes that start to push the limits of what you might expect from a typical electric bicycle.

The company is running so many sales that it’d probably be easier to tell you which bikes aren’t on sale.

Here’s a list of their models with all of the sales, which range from $100-$400 off various models.

If you asked me for some guidance, I’d steer you towards one of the Scorpion variants if you’re after a moped-feel or the RipRacer if you want a smaller but still quite capable e-bike.

The company also has a number of interesting commuter e-bikes and full-size fat tire e-bikes, so there’s something for everyone.

Lectric eBikes

If you’ve been hoping to grab an affordable folding electric bike from Lectric eBikes, then now is the time. You can save up to $170 with the company’s Labor Day sales bundles.

The bundles combine the company’s popular electric bikes with a pile of awesome accessories.

The best savings are on the higher end Lectric XPremium e-bike with the mid-drive motor and hydraulic disc brakes. But you can still save $100 or more on the company’s more affordable e-bikes.

This is a great chance to get some extra gear with your Lectrix XP 2.0 or Lectric XP Lite!


If you ask me, Aventon falls somewhere in between Juiced and Rad, both listed above, when it comes to performance and power. The bikes can reach fast speeds and higher power levels, but aren’t quite as over the top as Juiced’s models.

Where Aventon beats both companies is in frame production quality and bike connectivity. Aventon has been pushing out new models with the company’s updated e-bike display, which is a thing of beauty. It also connects to riders’ smartphones via Bluetooth for the ultimate level of connectivity.

As far as sales go, Aventon is offering between $50-$150 off for every single e-bike model it offers! Some specific model variants even have higher discounts than that.

The company is also offering 20% off accessories, so this could be a good time to grab a rack, fenders or some other accessory you’ve been eyeing for the Aventon e-bike you already own. The sale runs from Sep 2-5, so don’t miss it!

Blix Bike

Blix recently launched its Blix Dubbel electric bike, a really awesome step-through utility bike that is designed to combine power, speed and utility.

A big rear rack area does double duty as space for a passenger or for cargo, and two batteries combine to offer 80 miles of range!

The passenger kit makes this a great way to carry two people on a single bike (get it, Dubbel?) and really ratchets up the car-replacing potential of this fun-looking e-bike.

For a limited time they’ve got it marked down $100 to $1,899.


Ride1Up has some of the best bang for your buck in the entire e-bike industry right now, offering great quality e-bikes at reasonable prices every day. But now they’re dropping those prices to… even more reasonable levels? I guess so, based on the Labor Day sales they are currently running.

The Ride1Up 700 Series is up to $250 off while the Ride1Up LMT’D is up to $200 off, depending on the color and frame style.

I’ve reviewed both of these e-bikes and they are a blast! The 700 series is the ultimate commuter e-bike that is fast and fun, while the Ride1Up LMT’D offers a bit more playful riding that is still great for the city.

Both are worth checking out!


Propella, maker of lightweight urban e-bikes that stick with a tried and true blue on black color scheme, is running a $300 off sale on their Propella 7s e-bike.

Dropping from $1,299 to $999, the Propella 7s takes all the best parts of the single-speed Propella, but adds a 7-speed transmission to give you a choice of gears. That’s great for anyone who lives in a hilly city and doesn’t want to be stuck in a single gear ratio.

The sale runs through September 5th, but it looks like you’ll have to subscribe to the company’s newsletter to receive the discount. Just visit the product page and look for the note about the sale above the newsletter signup link.


Biktrix, our Canadian neighbors to the north, are also getting in on Labor Day sales. The company ships both to US and Canadian customers, offering a huge selection of all sorts of e-bike styles and varieties.

They’ve got a page dedicated to Labor Day e-bike sales, and you’ll want to check out the huge savings of up to $1,700 (that’s not a typo) on the various models.

Bikes like the Stunner and Swift offer high power in seemingly normal e-bike packages, while other models look more aggressive for even more fun riding.


Velotric’s Discover 1 e-bike has a huge sale going on, marked down from $1,899 to just $1,299.

This 500W comfort commuter e-bike offers a step-through design, 500W motor and up to 60 mile range from a 690 Wh battery.

It even includes a fender set, rack and LED lights, making it a great option for commuters looking to get out of their car and onto an e-bike!


And don’t forget about electric scooters! Miami-based Fluidfreeride is one of my absolute favorite electric scooter sources, and they have some great Labor Day sales on a variety of electric scooters.

Use the code LABORDAY10 to get 10% off electric scooters across the site. Take a look at their accessories too, because there are some great bundles and sales there as well to get free accessories with your new electric scooter.

If you’re looking for suggestions, I’m loving the specs on their lightweight Mosquito electric scooter that they launched earlier this year. I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks perfect for urban commuters that don’t want to sacrifice speed on a lightweight scooter.

Fluidfreeride is also a great source for Apollo’s Canadian electric scooters, as Fluidfreeride stocks them in the US.

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