Heavy-duty EV manufacturer Lightning eMotors announced Wednesday that it’s strategically partnering with GoBolt, a logistics services provider, to build and deploy 170 all-electric commercial vehicles over the next year.

Transportation companies are increasingly converting their fleets to electric models to cut costs and save the environment from harmful emissions.

We are getting a glimpse into the future as several major delivery and transportation companies are implementing electric models into their lineups. For example, UPS, Amazon, Walmart, and FedEx recently added commercial electric vehicles into their fleets.

Lightning eMotors provides solutions for companies like this looking to convert or introduce new electric models. The commercial EV maker designs and builds zero-emission electric vehicles, including cargo and passenger vans, work trucks, city buses, school buses, and ambulances.

Last year, the company teamed up with REV Group to produce fully electric ambulances and emergency vehicles. And this year, Lightning eMotors is making swift progress in bringing its commercial vehicles to market.

Lightning eMotors revealed its first propriety platform to build custom commercial EVs for customers. Until January, the company used platforms from other automakers, like Ford.

And then, the company gained even more traction in the commercial EV market with an agreement with GM to electrify the automaker’s medium heavy-duty truck.

Toronto-based GoBolt recently announced it will expand its US operations, reaching 12.75 million more households. GoBolt’s partnership with Lightning eMotors will help them on their journey to reach carbon negative status by December 2023.

Lightning eMotors will provide complete fleet electrification solutions for GoBolt

To help GoBolt reach its climate goals and transform its fleet to electric, Lightning eMotors will supply 170 EV cargo vans and box trucks through next year. The total order consists of 70 Class 3 zero-emission EV cargo vans and 100 Class 5 zero-emission EV box trucks. The Class 3 van batteries will be a mix of 80kWh and 120kWh with an expected range of 200 miles on a full charge.

Lightning eMotors CEO Tim Reeser is excited about the new deal with GoBolt, saying:

We couldn’t be more excited about our strategic partnership with GoBolt, and that it comes as they are rapidly expanding into the U.S. market.

He also adds:

We have seen a huge uptick in interest from the supply chain and last- and middle-mile fulfillment industries and applaud GoBolt’s commitment to sustainable logistics services. We look forward to continuing this journey of growth with them.

The commercial EV maker says Class 3 electric vans are already being deployed. The Class 5 trucks are still in development, with deliveries expected to begin early next year.

The Lightning eMotor partnership comes after GoBolt tested several commercial EV models and visited the Lightning eMotors manufacturing facility in Colorado.

Since releasing its first zero-emission electric commercial vehicles in 2018, over 300 Lightning eMotors EVs have traveled over 2,500,000 miles.

As demand for EVs continues to gain traction, Lightning eMotors looks to fill a crucial role, transforming fleets to all-electric.

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