A New York City police officer was killed and a second injured following a shooting in Harlem on Friday.

Jason Rivera, 22, died while responding to a call from a mother saying she was fighting with one of her sons.

The gunman was shot by a third officer at the scene and taken to hospital in critical condition. He was previously incorrectly reported to have died.

It means a total of four NYPD officers have been shot in the past week – although Mr Rivera was the only fatal incident.

The NYPD has identified the shooter as Lashawn McNeil, 47.

New York‘s new Mayor Eric Adams – himself a former officer – gave a press conference outside the hospital where the injured policeman was being treated.

“It is our city against the killers,” the mayor said.

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“This was not just an attack on three brave officers. This was an attack on the city of New York.”

How the incident unfolded

The team of three officers responded to the call about a domestic incident at around 6.15pm on Friday.

A mother had said she was fighting with one of her sons.

When they arrived at the one-bedroom flat, they spoke to the woman and another one of her sons in the front.

Mr Rivera and a colleague then started to walk down a narrow, 10-metre corridor towards the bedroom.

At this point the bedroom door opened and a man opened fire, hitting both officers.

As the shooter tried to leave the flat, the third officer fired two shots, hitting the suspect in the arm and head.

NYPD sources told NBC news the third officer was a new member of the force.

A Glock .45 pistol, with a magazine capable of holding 40 rounds, was recovered by detectives at the scene. The NYPD said it was stolen in Baltimore in 2017.

Investigators said the incident was recorded on body-worn cameras.

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell said: “Tonight, a 22-year-old son, husband, officer and friend was killed because he did what we asked him to do.

“We are in mourning and we are angry.”

Alongside Mr Rivera and his colleague, two other officers have been shot in the last seven days. One officer was hit in the leg while scuffling with a teenager.

Another was also hit in the leg when a man shot through the door of a home which was being searched for drugs.